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    More music songs Chairman of the Discount Liquor Store, Another Three Cheers to Japanese Capitalistic Regulation Troops, You Never Know, 68 Hours. More music songs Fling A Bottle To The Cold Wall, Track 15, Difference Between a and B, Dear You, .
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    Q - I was in Gatlinburg at the Christmas shop and they were playing a cd called "Bluegrass Christmas". I could have swore that's you playing on it but it didn't list the players on the back of the cd. It wasn't the Evergreen cd but just a cd called Bluegrass Christmas. A - I played on a Bluegrass Christmas CD for Green Hill records last year.
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    you need some exposure, might I sugest you to get your band and enter into the "Chesapeake Blues Festival" at Sandy Point State Park Md. their website on the internet so you can contact mabzollmyscibajacksesemlodifdaby.coinfo if you do get interested and attend it (you will have a'"Blast of a time") this summer 04 I would appreciate 4 tickets to the show, and we will take.
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    Subject: Looking for the Cobbers From: GUEST,[email protected] Date: 02 Oct 00 - PM In at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, I enjoyed a wonderful folk band from Australia by the name of "The Cobbers." My roomie and I went in together on a tape, but when she moved, she got the tape.
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    The Adolescents are an American punk rock band formed in Fullerton, California in Part of the hardcore punk movement in southern California in the early s, they were one of the main punk acts to emerge from Orange County, along with their peers in Agent Orange and Social Distortion. Founding bassist Steve Soto was the sole constant member of the band since its inception, with singer.
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    Another couple of years and "Lovely" came out. It had a reasonable write up in Q (which I'll still have somewhere and I'll dig it out) and another good one on teletext! (It may have been the same reviewer as they made the point that H&B was a great album whilst this one was just a good album - .
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    Nov 20,  · Ten years from now the main goal for us is still be a band, still doing this, still writing, still playing live. We even talked about this a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we can still be doing this.
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    Kurt Baker played in the Maine-based band The Leftovers before releasing three solo albums. Now there's a new name, due to the addition of permanent band members Jorge Colidan, Juancho Lopez, and Sam Malakian. If you dig guitar-based power pop bands from the s and s, you'll find a lot to appreciate here.
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    Mar 30,  · You’ll fly all the way to Seattle to see a band that’s ripping off Nirvana, but you won’t come on the PATH to Hoboken to see Every Damn Day.” Daly: Several images of Bob’s head are in a circle, on that CD. People see it and get a real kick out of it, still, to this day.