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  1. Tojalrajas Reply
    You can see these ideas at work in this passage. Just as the soul 'thinks' so the spirit 'thinks'. That is, mind is both representative of the soul and the spirit as part of our essential life. The spirit is not of a different nature of the soul, the are the same, only under a different perspective. Only your spirit/soul knows your thoughts.
  2. Faet Reply
    Jul 02,  · Your Soul Your Subconscious Mind is really your soul and this soul is infinite. Your Subconscious Mind is in direct contact with the Universal Super Conscious Mind of God. Your Subconscious Mind is the Creator. It will create into reality whatever the Conscious Mind commands and you control your Conscious Mind, or at least you are supposed to.
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    Dec 09,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Death - Voice Of The Soul (Piano Cover) YouTube Flesh and the Power it Holds FULL PIANO COVER (with solo) - Death - .
  4. Grora Reply
    Question: “What are the differences between a man’s spirit, soul, heart, mind and brain?” Bible Answers. God is tripartite --Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and man also has three parts - spirit, soul and body. and may your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the .
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    Sounds of guilt, anxiety, anger, despair, and even entertainment can generate overwhelming noise in our souls. The quiet rest promised by the Lord may seem elusive. The Quieting a Noisy Soul DVD program provides a road map out of the turmoil for the struggling believer. This program includes: 4 Seminar DVDs containing 24 half-hour video sessions Syllabus & Study Guide - A hands-on guide throug /5(11).
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    Jan 30,  · Mind vs Soul. The difference between mind and soul should be understood in the philosophical sense. Both, mind and soul are philosophical terms that are different from each other in sense. Mind is the place where we calculate pleasure whereas soul is the place where we feel pleasure.
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    The Quieting a Noisy Soul Discipleship Program by Jim Berg provides a roadmap out of turmoil for the struggling believer. Sounds of guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair can generate overwhelming noise in our souls. The quiet rest and joy promised by the Lord Jesus can seem elusive, and almost impossible.
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    The following is an adaptation of one of my answers on Quora, which asked what was the difference between Soul, Spirit, and Mind. You can see the original answer here.. The Soul is the portion of you that retains the highest possible level of consciousness and is closest to Source.