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    About the reported UFO landing near Dillon, Montana, August 14, One thing I should make clear about the reported UFO boarding of a hovering UFO near Townsend, Montana in early May of was that the year-old miner Udo Wartena said he boarded a hoving UFO .
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    Jul 01,  · When UFOs are witnessed in the wilderness by a single person, they’re largely dismissed without a second thought. When multiple eyewitnesses see something strange, there is a little more interest, but it’s largely reserved at best. When something strange is seen by thousands or even millions of people on live television, however, it’s another matter.
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    The photographer Maria Lax comes from a northern Finnish town where UFO sightings were common – so she set about looking for answers.
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    UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, and extraterrestrials are perennial favorites in science fiction, but to date there have been no confirmed encounters on Earth.
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    Jun 18,  · UFO sightings began to increase as people became more interested in technology over the past sixty years or so. Are demonic beings taking advantage of this and using our interest in technological advancement against us? Of course there is no evidence that aliens are actually demonic entities. But it stands to reason, if demons really exist.
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    All the latest breaking news on UFOs. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on UFOs.
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    Sep 20,  · In light of the US Navy's recent acknowledgment of UAPs, here's a look back at some of America's closest encounters of UFOs and aliens.
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    UFO latest news, pictures, sightings, videos and theories. Discover most up-to-date UFO information and facts.