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  1. Tojakasa Reply
    2 9 5 Ø70 1 0 0 Hole x mm for coffee grounds drawer. Special grounds drawer needed. Hole diameter 70mm for water inlet and outlet. Also possible for electric cords. Cut sheet CTS Space above the machine Space be-hind the machine 50 optional kg kg.
  2. Vugal Reply
    depth, and may range from 2 to 3°F for thermocouples in good condi-tion, to many degrees for badly cor-roded thermocouples. Thus, the type of heating cycle and condition of the thermocouple mutually affect the accuracy obtainable in a specific location. Where cyclic heating cannot be avoided, use thermocou-ples in top condition for maximum.
  3. Kazrat Reply
    For threaded holes larger than 1/2" it is often more desirable to chase the thread on a lathe, using a motor-driven cutter mounted on the tool post. When cutting a 60° thread, it is always advisable to swing the compound reset on the lathe to a 30° angle. The tool is ground to cut on one side only.
  4. Arataur Reply
    Thermocouple Material Specifications GEN-6 The thermocouple element materials listed below are those most commonly found in process applications. Selection of the proper thermocouple type for a particular application is determined by temperature expectations and by the environment in which the sensor will be placed.