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    May 29,  · Now, with that said, what I don’t like is the lyrics - this could be a “love gone wrong” kind of tune (“ I know that smile, so I should've known - You sold me out for a reckless bet, you burnt me”) but I think that the lyrics are a dig at certain world leaders (“ Get your fix sitting on your throne - Want it all and the price, it.
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    Mar 25,  · Then when you realize he is the actual president and responsible for handling this crisis you can’t help but get a sinking feeling in your .
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    Jun 18,  · Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't saying hasta la vista, baby to his COVID mask anytime soon. California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a state order Thursday mandating citizens wear face coverings in.
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    29 Fresh Pics That Will Entertain and Amuse You 30 Girls Being Adorably Weird Moron Gets Caught Selling A Stolen Bike 26 Clever Boat Names That Will Make You Abandon Ship 34 Pics Filled to the Brim With NOPE 30 Funny Pics and Memes to Click Away Your Boredom With.
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    Oct 14,  · In other words, the bleeping moron is still the boss. And if you don’t find a way to hold on to your ability to think, the misery will escalate. You Author: Todd Essig.
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    See also: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a fcking moron, chapter 1. Tags: coronavirus, covid, Florida, Ron DeSantis. This is part of our continuing coverage of the elections. View more. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Email. Have you subscribed yet?
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    Feb 18,  · Good job, Mr. President. You’ve terrified our allies with your cavalier and sloppy art-of-the-moron negotiating style. You’ve told American troops who will remain on the Korean Peninsula they.
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    Moron definition: If you refer to someone as a moron, you think that they are very stupid. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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    Apr 10,  · Banking on their country background, the Moron Brothers artfully blend in humor with their music. A popular drawing for the annual Optimist Club's "Pickin' for the Kids," the Moron Brothers entertain the crowd with their own blend of original bluegrass songs intertwined with jokes and stories of their own history.