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  1. Bamuro Reply
    The trickle-down theory is the theory that benefits given to people at the top of a system will eventually be passed on to people lower down the system. For example, if the rich receive tax cuts, they will pass these benefits on to the poor by creating jobs. The government is not simply relying on trickle-down economics to tackle poverty.
  2. Kagalkree Reply
    Define trickle-down. trickle-down synonyms, trickle-down pronunciation, trickle-down translation, English dictionary definition of trickle-down. adj. Of or relating to the economic theory that financial benefits accorded to big businesses and wealthy investors will pass down to profit smaller.
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    TRICKLE DOWN SYSTEM (TDS) OF AQUACULTURE EXTENSION. The Genesis and Concept. Experience gained from better organized and established extension services in the food farming sector clearly indicate that in addition to a dedicated and efficient extension services network, appropriate extension approach is also needed to provide definite direction to the programme operation and to .
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    Aug 04,  · Trickle-down definition: The trickle-down theory is the theory that benefits given to people at the top of a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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    Jan 16,  · Trickle-down economics, otherwise known as supply-side economics, is most commonly attributed to Reaganomics. The basic principle behind this system is that more money and tax breaks are given to the rich and therefore the money will flow to the bottom echelons of the economy.
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    It's at the heart of the infamous trickle-down theory. The past 40 years have seen a gradual decrease in the top bracket's income tax rate, from 91% in to 35% in It went as low as 28% in 19due to legislation passed under Reagan, the trickle-down theory's most famous adherent.
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    Jul 14,  · Trickle-down economics, or “trickle-down theory,” states that tax breaks and benefits for corporations and the wealthy will trickle down to everyone else. It .
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    trickle down to: This type of attitude trickles down to the children. Synonyms and related words Definition and synonyms of trickle down from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.