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  1. Metaxe Reply
    Playground Of The Damned Lyrics: See from you shadows run away / You shall live still beyond the grave / See this world of death and decay / Soon mankind will be forced to change / In the light of.
  2. Mikakinos Reply
    it's a staple of manilla road's discography but rarely more obvious than here; 'playground of the damned' contains decision after decision so jarringly unexpected that each draws far too much attention to itself, and at first glance can sound ugly, sloppy and amateurish. as also tends to be the case with the shark and co., many (not all, i must stress) of those decisions start to make a magical kind of sense .
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    Jul 29,  · Things return to goodness with “Abattoir De la Mort,” which features a heavier approach and surprisingly, death metal vocals. The rest of the album is mostly slower material with only occasional forays into speed.
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    Oct 24,  · Manilla Road est un groupe très particulier, inutile de dire le contraire. La voix de Shelton est très particulière, tout comme peut l'être celle d'un SAS au sein de Misanthrope par exemple, on aime ou on déteste. Pour ma part j'ai eu énormément de mal à rentrer dedans et au bout d'un moment, le voile se lève et on se rend compte à /5(5).
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    Manilla Road's post-Crystal Logic sound has acquired quite the patina, and Playground of the Damned changes nothing but adds a little. Mark the Shark's leads speak in .
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    Apr 20,  · Manilla Road – Playground of the Damned track listing: 1. Jackhammer. 2. Into the Maelstrom (supposed to be a couple of dots over the o in maelstrom but I don’t know how to get my keyboard to do that, duh). 3. Playground of the Damned. 4. Grindhouse. 5. Abattoir de la Mort. 6. Fire of Asshurbanipal. 7. Brethren of the Hammer. 8. Art of War.
  7. Tanris Reply
    Playground of the Damned is not Manilla Road’s best album and it is not Spiral Castle or Voyager -level excellence, but to fall short of masterworks is no crime, and that the band wanted a more laid-back sound after the continually increasing scope of their recent works is understandable.
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    MANILLA ROAD lyrics - song lyrics from 18 albums, including "To Kill A King" (). album: "Playground Of The Damned" () Jackhammer Into The Maelstrom Playground Of The Damned Grindhouse Abattoir de la Mort Fire Of Ashurbanipal Brethren Of The Hammer Art Of War. album: "Mysterium" () The Grey God Passes.