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  1. Nedal Reply
    The outer body of a freewheel can turn freely in one direction relative to the inner body, but not in the other direction. Most freewheels achieve this by means of pawls which engage a ratchet. The photo below shows the inner body (the part that threads onto the hub) of a freewheel.
  2. Tum Reply
    Mar 02,  · 20 Ways You're Indoor Cycling Wrong. And ruining your own workout. balance — not to bear the weight of your entire upper body. When you grip the handlebars too tight, you end up with.
  3. Dotaxe Reply
    Feb 22,  · Unusual one here in that it has never happened to me before. When cycling home last week I turned a corner and suddenly my pedals were spinning. I thought my chain had come off but when I looked it was fine, it was my rear cassette spinning without turning the wheel. Despite repeated attampts it wouldn't work and I resigned myself to walking home however when I got on the bike to .
  4. Grojora Reply
    Sep 15,  · Typical problems with cassette recorder range from its producing a low-volume or low quality sound, to its not working at all. Although with any stereo equipment some procedures are best left to professionals, there are certain things you can do in order to troubleshoot, and potentially fix, your cassette player effectively and safely.
  5. Zolobei Reply
    Jun 11,  · (1) The rear wheel does not spin freely. If I hold the bike up and spin the rear wheel in the same direction it would spin if riding normally, it rapidly comes to a stop, rotating perhaps for 1/10th the time the front wheel does with the same strength spin.
  6. Taular Reply
    Oct 27,  · It's spinning fine when not attached to the bike, weather the cassette is on or not. I've put the wheel back on the bike with no cassette at all, its still jammed. So the whole wheel still spins.
  7. Zulurn Reply
    Dec 13,  · First, try to wiggle the cassette, then the derailleur and hanger to make sure everything is tight. If any of these components are loose your bike will not shift properly, and you will not be able to make accurate adjustments.
  8. Bat Reply
    May 24,  · My freewheel body occasionally has problems with not spinning when I coast downhill. When I went to the bike shop they said there is no way to replace the freewheel body on these old style hubs. He said to get the cassette off you need two chainwhips but once you have the cassette off there is nothing you can do about fixing the free wheel body.