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  1. Tygokasa Reply
    Aerobic dance a way to fun as well as way to be fit. Muscle building exercises, fat burning movements and stretching into routine are some aerobic exercises played on music. Many dance forms are used, including disco, jazz, and ballet. All ages can benefit from aerobic dance.
  2. Vudolkis Reply
    Aerobic exercise routines can take many forms. Aerobic dancing is an exercise program that combines elements of dance with traditional aerobic steps and techniques, strength training, and stretching, all set to upbeat music. Part 1 of 14 - How to Do an aerobic dancing workout routine.
  3. Mizahn Reply
    May 16,  · Aerobic music fitness workouts and dance listening to AEROBIC workout music while you exercise can help keep you motivated to exercise longer by making your AEROBIC workout fitness more enjoyable.
  4. Faezilkree Reply
    Belly dancing. Yes, you read that right, belly dancing is much in vogue for the fitness benefits it has to offer. You may raise eyebrows if someone says that she is going for belly dancing classes but let us focus on the fitness part of it:P. This Middle East dance is performed by women using the muscles of the torso to move the body.
  5. Zulukora Reply
    Sep 20,  · Learn Aerobic, aerobics aerobic exercise aerobic respiration aerobic definition aerobic dance aerobic capacity aerobics music.
  6. Tajinn Reply
    Aerobic dancing definition, a system of exercises combining aerobics with dance steps and usually done to music. See more.
  7. Kagalmaran Reply
    Aerobic activity is defined by low- to moderate-intensity activity sustained over a prolonged duration of time, and dance often fits that bill. According to the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, or IADMS, dance class often comprises movement done at low to moderate intensities.
  8. Duk Reply
    Aerobic dance is an exercise which is carried out in association with the music. Though this type of exercising is already popular in foreign countries, it is just gaining popularity also in India. Now youngsters as well elders have recognized the benefits and fun related to aerobic dancing and many dance studios for aerobics dance training are.